Public toilets and drainage for flexibility and savings in high-traffic areas


Vacuum drainage solutions for high-traffic areas, events and work sites

Thanks to their low water consumption and flexibility in extension, zoning, and underground installation, Evac public toilets and vacuum drainage are ideal for transportation hubs and other high-traffic areas such as stadiums.


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Advanced drainage for extension, zoning, and underground installation in transportation hubs and high-traffic areas

Evac vacuum toilets offer a short payback time, thanks to their low water consumption of just 1.2 l/0.3 gal per flush.

They allow easy extension and layout modification, while maintaining independence between areas such as VIP lounges or new terminal facilities. As they are a robust system, designed for heavy duty use in locations such as railway stations, toilet blockages are reduced. Underground installation is easy and cost effective without a lifting pump station, making toilet installation in subway and metro stations more viable. The possibility to install toilets on underground platforms makes access much easier for people with reduced mobility as they are not forced to access upper levels via stairs or escalators to find toilet facilities.

Mobile toilets

When you choose vacuum mobile toilets, you benefit from high water savings, leading to a reduction in collection tank volumes, chemicals, and water supplies. As there is no slope constraint on toilet locations, you’ll also have more layout options for your event. Evac vacuum toilets suck 60l/2.1 cft of surrounding air per flush, giving users a more pleasant experience with less residual odor. When compared to chemical or composting toilets, vacuum toilets are a green yet luxury solution that can be rented out or sold for a higher price than other, more traditional alternatives like composting or chemical toilets.


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Vacuum collection

Vacuum generation units, vacuum toilets and toilet accessories and other vacuum accessories

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systems_automation_rgbSystems automation

All Evac’s systems have touchscreen panels for easy control and a similar user interface that makes operation, supervision, and maintenance easy and quick to learn.

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