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NewsroomFatema Tuz Zohra Aney: I am proud of our diverse community

I am proud of our diverse community

Fatema Tuz Zohra Aney, a Documentation Engineer Trainee, joined Evac for a traineeship in spring 2022. Having initially moved to Finland in 2018 she has since graduated with a Master of Science in Economics and Business with a specialization in Sustainable Business Management at Tampere University.

Britta Rannu

Fatema works in the Technical Documentation team and manages product-related technical documentation – including providing and organizing the documentation and ensuring its quality.

“I wanted to work for Evac because of its robust sustainability agenda. Sustainable development is very close to my heart, and a job at Evac seemed like a perfect continuum to my master’s degree.”

When joining the team, Fatema didn’t have much technical documentation experience, but she decided to take on the challenge with an open mind. “It has been great to notice that it’s possible to take on new challenges with a supportive team around me.” An opportunity to learn and develop new skills is the essential motivating factor for her and allows her to grow in her career. She has previous work experience in multinational companies such as Save the children and Standard Chartered plc.

“This is my first job in Finland, and I am proud to work in such a supportive and diverse community. Our office has a unique, international culture and I feel very welcome and supported here, which helps me to do better in my everyday work.”

Fatema likes to spend time with her family and cats. When moving to Finland, she could not leave her cat behind, so she moved to a new, northern country with her cat from her home country in Bangladesh. “I enjoy nature and like to explore the serenity of woods and listen to birds chirping. I also love cooking and try to cook versatile cuisine.” Fatema is currently learning the Finnish language, although it wasn’t a prerequisite for the job.

“I feel fortunate to have this role at Evac, which allows me to develop and work as part of a team, and also contribute to the company goals with my versatile educational and professional background. I’m so happy to be able to make a positive and constructive difference as an employee.

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