Debra Brearley, Service Coordinator, Evac

Debra Brearley

Service Coordinator, Florida, USA

I joined Evac in 2018. My role involves facilitating maintenance and servicing arrangements between Evac’s service technicians or engineers and our customers. It’s a complex, detail-oriented role that involves ensuring that the right people and materials are onboard the vessels at the right times, as well as little details like ensuring protocols are followed, managing work permits, and producing sales quotes. I find the challenges inspiring, and they keep me on my toes.


I love building relationships, both locally and internationally, and I’m always learning, which keeps things fresh and helps my confidence. I’ve adapted to work with different cultures, and sometimes I need to think outside the box and make quick decisions to resolve a situation. There’s a great sense of accomplishment in seeing our customers, technicians, and engineers satisfied. As well as receiving thanks from within Evac, I’ve had customers happy to work with me again after a successful project, which is always a great feeling!


Information from 2019