Dave Steele

Senior Designer/Project Manager, Illinois, USA

I’ve been with Evac for over 14 years. It’s a great place to work as I’m constantly being pushed to advance my skills and solve challenges in different aspects of my working life. The thing I enjoy most is that I am involved in a good variety of projects and I work with lots of different people to accomplish the tasks needed to maintain great relationships with our customers.

I am currently working on engineering design and program management. I enjoy the role because I’m involved in the complete design process and I drive projects toward implementation and completion together with our customers.

Interacting with others from around the globe has always been one of the best things about working at Evac, from a professional and personal perspective. I’ve done everything from letting a Finnish colleague take my Dodge Charger for a fast test drive to having interesting conversations about how things are around the world.

Evac has always been dedicated to using high-quality tools and processes to help its employees succeed. Having the right tools to do the job is important, and I feel it gives us a real advantage. With our implementation of design and documentation systems, I believe we will continue to be able to develop industry-leading designs and provide clear, accurate documentation for our customers.


Data from 2016