Ilona Keltti

Summer trainee, sales team, Finland

I’ve worked as a summer trainee at Evac for two summers now. I read about Evac on their website and decided to apply for a job. I’m studying water and environmental engineering, and I’m especially interested in water treatment systems, so it’s the ideal place for me to learn.

The working atmosphere is great here. Everyone in the office – and my colleagues around the world – are very friendly and easy to get along with.

This summer I’m working as a trainee in the sales team, where I’m involved in helping create new information for the Evac website. Last summer I created materials about Evac’s products by researching documents and speaking to product managers.

Getting started on new tasks can sometimes be a challenge, and this summer I’m taking on new things almost every day. One of the most challenging tasks has been creating material in English for Evac handbooks. It’s also been very rewarding as I now have a much better understanding of how wastewater is treated, and it’s helped my language skills too.

I have learnt so much about my field of study through working at Evac. I’ve gained valuable knowledge about water treatment technology and other cleantech solutions for the marine sector, and also about regulations concerning the discharge of waste and wastewater overboard.

As part of my job I’m in touch with colleagues all over Europe almost every day, so I certainly feel like I work in a diverse multinational organization. It’s very exciting!


Data from 2016