Jari Korpijärvi

Summer laboratory trainee, Finland

I’ve worked as a summer trainee for two summers and also a little bit during the semester, as I’m currently completing my master’s thesis. I first heard about Evac at a Guild of Mechanical Engineers summer-job event. The prospect of a job involving both engineer-like thinking and hands-on work was very appealing to me.

I work in the laboratory, where my tasks include product maintenance, handling customer complaints, and troubleshooting and testing our products. Planning the tests we use to check the quality of a piece of equipment is challenging, but it’s rewarding when we get clear results telling us either that the product is working properly or that there’s a fault that needs attention. I enjoy my work, and my colleagues are great.

Because Evac is an international organization with operations in many different countries, there’s always the opportunity to go and work at another location to gain experience. Working here has also given me the chance to see how a multinational company works and what it demands from its employees. I’m developing my problem-solving skills every day by finding new ways to analyze faults and test products, and of course when we have a new product or component I have to be ready to learn new things.


Data from 2016