Kaj Rönnblad

Laboratory Technician, Finland

I’ve been working at Evac since the beginning of the 1990s, so quite a long time! I like it here because every day is different and there are always new challenges to solve. My title of laboratory technician can sound a bit misleading because where I work is actually more like a testing facility.

My tasks include product maintenance, handling customer complaints, and troubleshooting and testing products. I have to plan the tests so that they accurately reflect the final use of the product and think of different scenarios in which the product could possibly fail. Whether I discover that a product is working properly or if it has some kind of fault, it’s always rewarding to find the right answer.

Working in an organization that operates in so many countries means there are a lot of opportunities to work outside of Finland, and my job has included some travel to investigate product faults. When it comes to product testing, Evac invests wisely in the equipment we need so I never need to worry about whether a certain test will be too difficult or expensive to perform, just about finding the answer to the problem!


Data from 2016