NathalieBonnaffoux accounting manager at Evac

Nathalie Bonnaffoux

Accounting Manager & HR, HEM

Since joining the business in April 2010 I’ve worked in a few departments at HEM (part of Evac Group since 2018). I was initially attracted to the challenge of learning about the finances of an international company, and I started off as a part-time accounting and HR assistant. Over time I was given more and more responsibilities – especially after HEM was acquired by Evac – until I landed in my current role. This has kept my career varied, and I’ve enjoyed learning new skills and trying different things.

My role has mostly involved managing monthly reports and creating mapping tables between French and English accounts, which is now much more detailed and complex with Evac. I’m also involved in the daily management and decision-making at the HEM office in Antibes, France.

At present, the biggest challenge for me is adapting the way we do things from HEM to Evac, which is a much bigger company. These responsibilities have motivated me to keep growing professionally, and I still have plenty to learn. Working for Evac also gives me the opportunity to work and share experiences with many different people, which is probably the best thing about my job.


Information from 2019