Mats Riska

Product manager, wastewater treatment systems, Evac Finland

I started at Evac in 2011 as a part-time process engineer doing research. I was attracted to the company because the technology and products that it innovates have real environmental benefits. I enjoy working here because every day brings new challenges. No ship or system is the same, so we’re always having to come up with new ideas and ways of approaching projects.

I’m currently a product manager for wastewater treatment systems. In this role I’m responsible for product R&D and making sure we have the optimal setup to make wastewater treatment as easy as possible for the end user – and, of course, to ensure that it produces clean effluent! The biggest challenge is designing effective marine wastewater treatment systems that have the smallest footprint possible. The most rewarding part of my job is seeing the ready system producing clean effluent that can be safely discharged. Knowing that the ship will not be pumping untreated wastewater into the sea makes it all worthwhile for me.

I travel a lot for sales and project meetings, to train people on our products at our offices around the world, and to attend conferences. It suits me perfectly as I’m a very social person who likes meeting people and learning about different cultures. Traveling also means I get to see how environmental technology is used and approached in different places, so I’m gathering knowledge about the different technologies and products that are out there. This is important because it makes me think outside the Finnish market instead of sticking to the same technologies we use here.


Data from 2016