Reyhan Roberts, Product Manager, Evac

Reyhan Roberts

Product Manager, fresh water generation systems, Germany

I joined Evac in 2018. I design fresh water generation and treatment systems in our office located in Rellingen, Germany. I also do commissioning, sea trials, factory acceptance tests, and support, as well as preparing proposals for reverse osmosis desalinators and potable water treatment systems. Every customer is unique, so I work closely with them to satisfy their project requirements.

The best thing about working for Evac is the opportunity to travel – getting aboard is a new experience every time! I’ve also enjoyed converting my theoretical knowledge into practical skills and learning something new every day. Operating across so many time zones can be tricky, especially when working with tight deadlines. It’s a welcome challenge though, and it’s worth it to see our customers happy.

Evac’s global presence also means I get to work with people from different cultures, which has been both inspiring and professionally beneficial (I’ve learned three languages through my work). It also means I can have fascinating conversations with colleagues. I’ve had some pretty intense experiences during my short time at Evac too, especially on sea trials. One time, the only way to leave a ship was to jump down into a fishing boat in choppy waters. With the help of four people, I somehow managed to land in the boat and not the sea!


Information from 2019