Laetitia Matera

Sales Manager, Building business area, Evac France

I’ve been working at Evac since 2010, and I joined the company because I was looking for a dynamic and forward-thinking employer that supports strong development ambitions. It’s great to be working for an organization that has developed innovative technologies that are used in systems installed on some of the world’s largest cruise ships. The company’s commitment to providing cleantech solutions that help preserve water resources and protect aquatic and soil ecosystems was also a big attraction for me.

Evac’s strong ambition for growth means it’s a constantly developing organization, but also a human-centric one where everyone feels like they’re playing a part in achieving the company’s objectives.

I am responsible for the promotion and sales of Evac solutions to contractors and decision-makers involved in building projects in France. I need to have good technical knowledge of our products and be able to explain the benefits they provide for a variety of different buildings. The work I do to promote our cleantech technologies is important in opening up new markets and new growth opportunities for the company.

I’ve enjoyed plenty of opportunities to travel and attend seminars, trade shows, training days, commissioning, and business meetings. In Evac’s building business, we regularly get together at international seminars to learn from each other. I took part in initial training in our vacuum and wastewater treatment technologies when I first started, but I’m training on the job every day and expanding my core business skills through informal learning together with my colleagues.