Sarah Angermann

Service Project Sales Manager, Evac Germany

I joined Deerberg Systems in 2009, which Evac acquired in 2015. I’m in charge of after-sales service, which means I’m in direct contact with our cruise customers regarding spare parts and service sales for our dry and wet waste treatment solutions for the entire Evac Group.

I enjoy working in such an international company, and I especially enjoy working with our cruise customers. I’m proud of the fact that our solutions for vessels help protect marine environments, as this is an issue I care about.

Providing our customers with great service is what I like. It’s always rewarding to get good feedback from them. It makes me proud to be a part of Evac. Every day is different, and I work in a very rewarding environment where I get to meet people from different cultures. Our wide range of products means I also get to learn about a lot of different technologies, which is great.