Cleantech Solutions. Anywhere. April 13, 2017

Evac Group sales organization restructured to improve customer service and efficiency

Evac Group has restructured its sales organization with the goal of improving customer service and further developing relationships with key customers. The restructuring also aims to improve efficiency and make operations more systematic. These changes support the company’s growth strategy and vision of helping our customers meet their waste and water management related environmental performance targets wherever they operate.

The restructuring means that Evac now has four global business areas: Cruise, Offshore and Merchant, Building, and After Sales. Each area encompasses several distinct customer groups:

Cruise business area
Business Area President: Ljubo Jurisevic
Customer groups:

Offshore and Merchant business area
Business Area President: Claes Rudling
Customer groups:

Building business area
Business Area President: Dominique Gosnet

Customer groups:

After Sales business area
Business Area President: Ken Postle

Customer groups:

Evac serves marine, offshore and building industries