January 17, 2019

Evac takes part in the Commitment2050 initiative

Environmental questions, and, moreover, operational responsibility, have become increasingly important in the business operations of marine industry operators. In relation to this, Finnish Marine Industries, which is part of Technology Industries Finland, and its members have taken up the challenge by participating in Commitment2050, the national Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development, and making an industry commitment of their own. The project focuses on the reduction of the environmental impact of maritime transport, the continuous development of business operations to create good and fair places to work, the monitoring of supply chain responsibility, and the increasing of circular economy activities and lifecycle efficiency across the entire operations.

Evac participates in the initiative along with many other Finnish marine industry operators, such Meyer Turku and Piikkiö Works. Evac’s systems that prevent marine eutrophication and litter are comprehensively used in different types of marine vessels. In connection with this, Evac has committed to, e.g., reducing marine litter by increasing the dry waste recycling rate of cruise ships from 25% to 50% by 2025, and further to 70% by 2050, by developing its dry waste treatment systems. The company has also committed to reporting on the results annually.
In addition, Evac has also committed to preventing marine eutrophication by supplying even more wastewater treatment systems equipped for nutrient removal, which is currently only required from vessels operating in specific sea areas.

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Infographics - daily waste amount on a cruise vessel
Evac systems are used for both wastewater treatment and for treating and recycling dry and wet waste.