Applications on navy and coast guard vessels

Evac solutions can be found on hundreds of different types of naval vessel around the globe, from simple patrol boats to the unique challenges of submarines and the latest aircraft carriers.

Our solutions for navy and coast guard vessels

Evac solutions can be found on hundreds of different types of naval vessel around the globe, from simple patrol boats to the unique challenges of submarines and the latest aircraft carriers.

Our naval portfolio focuses on military requirements and reliable construction. Shock, vibration, airborne and structural noise, and electromagnetic interference (EMI) requirements are all challenges we can help you solve. We also guarantee reliable deliveries, comprehensive documentation, and effective aftersales support.

System size and weight are typically the limiting factors in naval projects. We meet these challenges by offering a wide range of compact products. We also have our own product development specialists who can design a totally customer-specific solution that meets your exact needs.

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Project planning

One supplier for all integrated systems

Our uniquely wide-ranging offering includes systems for vacuum collection, wastewater treatment, dry and food waste management, and fresh water generation. Using one supplier for all your systems simplifies equipment use, control, and maintenance during operations, as well as bringing many benefits, such as smooth integration during the shipbuilding process thanks to a single point of contact for all system integration issues.

As all integrated Evac systems have a similar user interface, you’ll benefit from a fast learning curve, as well as easy operation, supervision, and maintenance. Real-time data can be seen in a single interface for all our systems, making monitoring and diagnostics easier.

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Marine growth prevention systems

Cathelco marine growth prevention systems are installed on the ships of more than 40 navies around the world. With their durable construction, our control panels are ideally suited to rigorous demands of the naval sector. This is combined with a range of anodes to serve the needs of both surface craft and submarines.


Systems on frigates usually involve a combination of seachest and strainer mounted anodes. As with most military vessels, the pipework is predominantly cupro-nickel and therefore pairs of copper and ferrous anodes are used to provide effective anti-fouling and corrosion suppression.

Aircraft carriers

These installations involve the treatment of large volumes of seawater using multi-anode installations serving numerous inlets covering the requirements of engine cooling water systems, refrigeration, air conditioning and fire fighting systems.

Fast patrol craft

We have considerable experience in the design of pipework anti-fouling systems for fast patrol craft where space is at a premium. These vessels generally have a number of small inlets which can be protected with compact dual purpose anodes, consisting of copper/aluminium or ferrous elements in a single assembly.

Alternatively, miniaturised Nano anodes can be fitted in strainers. The Cathelco Mini and Nano control panels ensure that systems can be installed in the tightest areas within engine rooms.


Our system was originally designed for use on submarines and the company regularly supplies anti-fouling equipment to some of the world’s leading builders of submarines.

Because of space restrictions within strainers, installations are usually based on compact dual purpose anodes. Systems are often specially designed to meet the exact requirements of particular classes of submarines.



Vacuum collection

Wastewater treatment

Ballast water management

Fresh water generation

Marine growth prevention

Dry and wet waste treatment

Corrosion protection

Our recommended solutions for navy and coast guard vessels


Vacuum collection

Vacuum generation units, vacuum toilets and toilet accessories, food waste collection systems and other vacuum accessories.

Evac stainless steel

Vacuum toilets

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Evac Optima 5

Advanced vacuum toilets

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Evac OnlineVac

Online liquid-ring screw pump vacuum generation unit

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Evac OnlineMax R

Online double-stage vacuum generation unit

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Evac food waste management system

Collection and treatment

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Evac vacuum interfaces

Connect gravity-based appliances

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Evac vacuum accessories

For vacuum piping

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waste_water_rgbWastewater treatment

Advanced wastewater treatment plants (membrane bioreactors and electrolytic wastewater treatment plants)

Evac MBR

Membrane bioreactor, biological wastewater treatment systems

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Evac EcoTreat

Cost-effective biological treatment plant

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Purely electrolytic wastewater treatment systems

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Evac wastewater pre-treatment

Removal of harmful solids and liquids

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wet_dry_rgbDry and wet waste treatment

Waste compaction equipment (compactors, glass crushers, tin can densifiers and briquetting), incinerator systems, dryers, bio sludge treatment, food waste treatment

Evac dry waste recycling units

Compactors, glass crushers tin can densifiers and shredders

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Evac briquetting unit

Advanced waste handling

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Evac food waste management system

Collection and treatment

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Evac cyclone incinerator

Advanced waste handling

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fresh_water_rgb (Conflicted copy from EVAC002LW10 on 2016-07-15)Fresh water generation

Desalination systems using reverse osmosis (RO), and potable water treatment systems using mineralisation, disinfection etc


Standardized reverse osmosis plants

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Potable water treatment system

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systems_automation_rgbSystems automation

All Evac’s systems have touchscreen panels for easy control and a similar user interface that makes operation, supervision, and maintenance easy and quick to learn.

System control
Systems automation
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