A new video introducing AIDAcara retrofit project launched

AIDA Cruises commissioned Evac to conduct the retrofit of a modern fresh water generation system on AIDAcara, the first cruise ship of the AIDA fleet, in summer 2017. Watch the video below and learn how the project was conducted by Evac.

Read also a project related news post published on November 7, 2017.

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Evac publishes its first-ever Sustainability report

Evac, the world’s leading provider of integrated water and waste management technologies, has published its annual Sustainability report. The report outlines to company’s new strategic direction and ambition to become the beacon of sustainability within its industry.

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Evac Evolution ballast water management system chosen for Irish Lights vessel

The Evac Evolution ballast water treatment system (BWMS) will be installed on the ILV Granuaile, an aids to navigation vessel operated by the Commissioners of Irish Lights.

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New video of Evac’s refit project for MS Amera cruise ship released

Evac releases a new video highlighting the equipments supplied for MS Amera, an 800 passenger cruise ship operated by Bernhard Schulte.

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