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Cathelco MGPS for seawater lift pumps

Cathelco marine growth prevention systems are designed to prevent blockages in seawater lines caused by the growth of barnacles and mussels.

The system has been successfully applied to all types of offshore structures including oil rigs, oil platforms, semi-submersible and jack-up rigs using seawater for cooling or emergency fire fighting purposes.


  • World leaders in anti-fouling technology with 50,000 installations over 50 years.
  • Purpose designed anode units for offshore platforms and semi-submersible rigs.
  • Proven effectiveness in eliminating bio-fouling.
  • Automatic in operation – requires minimal attention.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly

Pump protection units

Cathelco pump protection antifouling units are designed to be mounted at the bottom of pumps, often inside the stilling tube or caisson. They consist of special copper and aluminium anodes housed within a steel framework and fed with an electrical current from a control panel. The anode mounting frame acts as the cathode, creating a completely self contained unit which is electrically isolated from the pump using a specially designed isolation unit.

Retrofit anode units for oil platforms

In cases where access to deep well pumps is restricted or difficult, anodes can be installed at deck level. They can either be fitted directly within large diameter pipes or in the case of small bore pipework, an electrolysis tank housing the anodes can be fitted into the seawater pipework system.

Anode units for semi-submersible rigs

The anodes can be mounted within the pontoons at the main seawater intake point where the ions of copper and aluminium are carried by the flow of seawater to give complete protection to associated pumps and pipework systems.

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