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Cathelco Quantum ICCP control panel

Many large vessels have forward and aft ICCP systems which means that an engineer has to walk from one of end of the ship to the other in order to monitor and control them, if a remote monitor has not been fitted.

Key features

The key feature of Quantum ICCP panels is that they can be used in a ‘master’ and ‘slave’ configuration. Therefore, the forward ICCP system can be controlled by the aft panel and information about the whole system can be viewed in one location.

If the ship has a pipework anti-fouling system, this can also be controlled from the aft ICCP control panel so that everything is immediately accessible.

Beyond this, all of the data can be relayed to a control room or bridge computer system via an RS485 link.

The Quantum ICCP ‘master’ panel stores comprehensive data about the configuration of the system which can be monitored through a series of displays. These include the size of the system in terms of current output, voltages, electrode types, numbers of electrodes, set points and alarm configuration. The ‘master panel’ also logs data concerning the performance of the system covering output voltage, output current, potential readings, percentage output and the alarms.

Controlling the whole system from one location

All of the data can be uploaded to a USB stick and emailed to Cathelco for analysis, eliminating the need for filling in paper log sheets.

Enables entire system to be monitored and controlled from aft ICCP panel.
Forward ‘slave’ panel is smaller and lighter, therefore easier to install.
RS485 link enables data to be relayed to control room or bridge systems.
Comprehensive data can be uploaded to USB stick and emailed to Cathelco for detailed analysis.