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Evac U80 Glass crusher

Dry waste produced on board vessels can be divided into recyclable and non-recyclable materials. IMO MARPOL Annex V prohibits the discharge of any dry waste into the sea, so it must be stored on board. Evac dry waste collection and handling systems for recyclable waste significantly reduce the space needed for dry waste storage. The Evac glass crushers are specially designed for marine applications.

The Evac U80 glass crusher is a user-friendly solution for the processing of glass. Bottles are manually fed through the feed pipe and the glass pieces are collected in a standard 80-liter wheelie bin. The volume reduction is approximately 80%.

The crushed pieces are about 40 mm in size, which makes them suitable for recycling because it allows the detection of ceramics, which prevent the glass from melting. The crusher produces a minimal amount of glass dust.

The unit is fitted with a level indicator that automatically stops the crusher when the bin is full. By using different bins it is possible to separate uncolored and colored glass.

The crusher starts automatically when the lid is lifted. A timer function ensures all bottles fed into the unit are crushed. The user is fully protected from being hit by glass splinters even when the feeding door is open and the operator is feeding in glass.


  • Totally dust free
  • Crusher head in HARDOX steel
  • Unique robust coupling between motor and knife
  • Designed for minimum noise level
  • Automatic start and stop

  • Full bin alarm
  • Easy to install and maintain, safe to use
  • User-friendly
  • Volume reduction is approximately 80%
  • DNV-GL Maritime Assessment/Verification report



Net weight175kg
Voltage, Rating, Rated current
3 x 220- 690 V, 50/60 Hz, 3.0/3.6 kW
Fuse16 A (dealyed)
Cable4 x 2.5mm²
IP Class54
Noise level78.5 dBA (during operation)
Collection bin80 litre, plastic
Capacity120 bottles/min
Volume red:80%
Crushed glass~40mm
Electrical syst.IEC 60092 compliant
DNV-GL Maritime Verification report


  • Evac U 80 glass crusher leaflet
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