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Evac UBP 40/80 Compactor

Cardboard is easy to send for recycling if properly compacted and this also reduces the disposal cost. The robust Evac UBP 40/80 baling presses with electromechanical drives are designed for easy maintenance and contain no hydraulics.

The wide feeding opening means that cardboard boxes do not need to be compacted manually before being fed into the baling press. The unit has automatic indication for dull able. The bale is manually strapped with four plastic ribbons and the semi-automatic bale ejection feature is a great help to the crew in handling the bales. The bales, which correspond in size to a EUR-pallet are easily stored and transported to shore.


  • Large inlet for cardboard
  • Baling of voluminous recyclable waste
  • Semi-automatic bale ejection
  • Automatic indication dor full bale
  • Bale fits on pallet
  • Efficient, clean and silent electromechanical drive
  • “Double-stroke” and “Stay-n-Hold” functionality
  • 17 ton pressing power – up to 80 % volume reduction
  • No deterioration in efficiency after years of operation
  • Easy to retrofit: “Plug-n-Press” installation
  • Storm position feature of press head
  • Safe operation in high seas


  • 2 rolls of baling bands (EVAC UBP 40)
  • 4 rolls of baling bands (Evac UBP 80)
  • 1 tube of spindle grease
  • 1 extractor hook for baling brand



Dimensions Evac UBP 40Dimensions Evac UBP 80
Height: 1785 mmHeight: 1990 mm
Width: 952 mmWidth: 1465 mm
Depth: 732 mmDepth: 790 mm
Service height: 100 mmService height: 100 mm
Net weight: 365 kgNet weight: 740 kg
Press power: 4 tonPress power: 16 ton
Voltage, Rating: 3x 380-460 V, 50/60 Hz, 1.5/1.8 kWVoltage, Rating: 3 x 220-690 V, 50/60 H<, 4,0/3.6 kW
IP Class: 54IP Class: 54


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