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EVAC UWC 50 Compactor

The UWC 50 is an electromechanical compactor in stainless steel AISI 316 for dry solid waste, designed by Evac for demanding marine and offshore conditions.

The compactor has unique “Double-stroke” and “Stay-n-Hold” functions for increased compaction rates. The unit compacts all types of garbage and is easily operated from the front. Due to the electromechanical drive, the machine offers silent operation and there is no need for any arrangement to provide separate drainage in case of hydraulic leakage. The electromechanical drive offers long durability with no deterioration over time.

The container in AISI 316 is lined with a Big Bag which can be sealed and is easy to transport. Additional containers give the possibility of segregation of several waste fractions. The unit reduces the volume of ship generated garbage by up to 80% depending on fraction.

The UWC 50 is preferably combined with the offshore shredder UOS 5050 prior to compaction. This will increase compaction even further.

 The UWC 50 has been examined and tested by DNV/GL Maritime for the purpose of marine and offshore outdoor open deck installations (IP66).



Height2 3112 mm
Width960 mm
Depth850 mm
Service height2 412 mm
Net weight450 kg
Material AISI 316
Voltage, Rating,Rated current 3x380-480 V, 50/60 Hz, 2.212.5 kW
Press power 6 ton
Collecting container, UOC Material, AISI 316


  • For outdoor/weather deck installation
  • Compaction of waste in durable Big Bags
  • Combine with UOS 5050 for offshore dry waste


  • Highly efficient, clean and silent electromechanical drive

Operational efficiency

  • Volume reduction up 80% depending on fraction
  • “Double-stroke” and “Stay-n-Hold” functionality

Service and maintenance

  • “Plug-n-Press” installation
  • No deterioration in efficiency after years of operation


  • Storm position feature of press head
  • DNV Maritime Assessment/Verification report



  • Evac UWC 50 compactor leaflet
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