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Evac UMCC multi chamber compactor Volume reduction

The Evac UMCC multi chamber compactor can separate and compact several different waste fractions.

The compactor has unique double-stroke and stay-nhold functions for an increased compaction rate. The press head has a proven press force of over five tons. The waste volume reduction is up to 90% and the weight of the bales varies between 40 and 70 kg depending on the fraction. The general waste is compacted in plastic bags, while plastic film and cardboard are baled and tins and cans compacted. Each unit is tailor-made to suit the needs of the individual customer.

The compactor can have two to eight chambers, and additional chambers can be added later if required. The Evac UMCC is specially designed for marine applications. The unit is bolted to the deck, making it safe and comfortable to operate even in rough seas. The Evac UMCC is electromechanical, meaning it is quiet and there is no hydraulic oil leakage or mechanical deterioration over time. Exclusively made for ships, it features plug-and-play installation with automatic phase order control. An indication is given when a chamber is full.


  • Multi chamber for segregation in up to 8 chambers, each 0.2 m³
  • Multi chamber for segregation in up to 8 chambers, each 0.2 m³
  • Efficient, clean and silent electromechanical drive, not hydraulic
  • “Double-stroke” and “Stay-n-Hold” functionality
  • 5 ton pressing power – up to 90% volume reduction
  • Easy to retrofit; “Plug-n-Press” installation
  • Cost-effective treatment of fractions in a single unit
  • No deterioration in efficiency after years of operation
  • Storm position feature of press head
  • Safe operation in high seas, no moving parts
  • Compaction both in sack and bale
  • Proven for operation at 22.5 degrees inclination
  • Tested for handling of 25 ltr steel paint drums


  • 1 x sack holder
  • 1 x bale ejection tool
  • 1 x extractor hook for baling bands
  • 5 x plastic sacks
  • 2 – 8 rolls of baling bands
  • 1 x tube of spindle grease


DimensionsA mmB mmC mmD mmWeight kg
Evac UMCC 221201240832100420
Evac UMCC 321201860832100540
Evac UMCC 421202480832100660
Evac UMCC 521203100832100780

IP Class54
Feed opening520x520
Press power5 ton
Rating2.2-2.0 kW
Bale (dim)550 x 550 x 650 mm, 30-70 kg
Electrical systemIEC 60092 compliant
DNV/GL Maritime Verification report

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