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Evac MiniVac Vacuum collection unit

The Evac MiniVac vacuum collection unit provides vacuum suction for supermarket condensates and can be connected to up to 18 2.5-liter capacity interfaces.

The system’s vacuum pumps are connected to the collection tank and then to the pipe network, ensuring a constant level of vacuum throughout the system. Pump operation is regulated with an electronic measurement system. The collection tank, equipped with level control, receives condensate water from the pipe network via two inlet connections. When necessary, the vacuum pumps are stopped and the discharge pump activated, emptying the tank into the sewage system. The entire system is managed using the control panel of the PLC.

The system comprises

  • 500 liter / 132 gallon collection tank
  • Two liquid-ring vacuum pumps
  • Plastic water-cooling tank
  • Discharge pump
  • Control panel
  • Two inlet connections ready to be connected to PVC network pipes (DN65/PN16), and one discharge line PVC DN50
  • Anti-shock coated frame mount


  • Competitively priced
  • Small footprint
  • Simple, robust design
  • High reliability with vacuum reserve for continuous operation without valve delay
  • More flexibility in the unit location with the discharge pump
Evac MiniVac
Models6501743S30 Evac MiniVac 2
MaterialsVacuum pump; pump casing: cast iron, PTEF coated inside
Frame and tank: Epoxy coated
Operating dataVacuum pump total capacity: 130 m³/h / 76 CFM
Discharge pump: DN50
Liquid ring vacuum pump technology
Tank capacity: 500L/132 gal
Nominal power7,4 KW total
WeightDry: 580 kg /1280 Lbs. (Tank and frame only)


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