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Evac OnlineVac Vacuum generation unit

The Evac OnlineVac is a durable, low-maintenance online vacuum generation unit that macerates sewage and generates the vacuum required for the discharge process.

Particularly suitable for vessels with medium passenger and crew capacities, it features extra-strong bearings, heavy-duty mechanical seals, and an electric motor with an IEC flange connection. The vacuum is generated and sewage pumped by means of a special liquid-ring screw pump, manufactured – along with the pump casings – from high-quality, corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Vacuum generation is controlled via the vacuum sensor and PLC, with easy inspection of the inlet thanks to its transparent cover. Multiple pumps can be connected to the sewage system, and it is also possible to incorporate Evac OnlineVac V-model units into the food waste collection system.

Evac OnlineVac units can be customized according to your specific water treatment needs, and are available in two different capacities (V16 and V26) and as a retrofit version. Our Evac OnlineVac 32 and Evac Online 52 systems comprise two V16 pumps and two V26 pumps respectively.


  • Lightweight, with an extremely small footprint (1 m²/10.76 ft2)
  • Robust construction
  • Reliable operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Standard IEC flange-mounted motor


  • Vacuum pump casing: Stainless steel, EN 1.4404
  • Frame: Steel S235, EN 10025
  • Piping: Acid proof steel,  EN 1.4404

Electric data

Available 24 DC or 690 V AC. Evac OnlineVac can be installed in areas of varying size and layout.

Available as a ready-to-install solution or as separate components. For navy and other vessels with special requirements antimagnetic and antivibration solutions are aslo available.



ModelPumpsCapacityWeight (kg)Dimensions W x L x H (mm)
Evac OnlineVac 161 pump 1613 m³/h: 24 V DC 1.8 kW, 50 Hz 2.2 kW
16 m³/h: 60 H< 2.5 kW
Net weight (dry): 135
Shipping weight: 155
350 x 950 x 1040
Evac OnlineVac 261 pump 2622 m³/h: 50 Hz 3.o kW
26 m³/h: 60 Hz 3.5 kW
Net weight (dry): 155
Shipping weight: 175
480 x 900 x 1250
Evac OnlineVac 322 pumps 1616 m³/h: 50 Hz 3.0 kW
26 m³/h 60 Hz 3.5 kW
Net weight (dry): 210
Shipping weight: 230
725 x 685 x 1090
Evac OnlineVac 522 pumps 2644 m³/h: 50 Hz 6 kW
52 m³/h: 60 Hz 7 kW
Net weight (dry): 255
Shipping weight: 275
700 x 900 x 1250
Evac OnlineVac 783 pumps 2666 m³/h: 50 Hz 5.4 kW
78m³/h: 60 Hz 6.6 kW
Net weight (dry): 375
Shipping weight: 400
1170 x 1355 x 1315


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