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Evac Optima 3 Economical vacuum toilet

The fully pneumatic Evac Optima 3 combines superior functionality with great design. This innovative vacuum toilet has a simple design that includes few moving parts, making it highly reliable. Economical, durable, and quiet, the Evac Optima 3 is the ideal cabin toilet for vessels such as cargo ships.

Operating principle of Evac vacuum toilet

Pushing the flush button sends an air pulse to the control mechanism that connects the vacuum to the water and discharge valves. The water valve opens and lets rinsing water flow into the bowl through the flushing ring. After a short delay, the discharge valve opens and the contents of the bowl are discharged into the vacuum sewer. The control mechanism then closes the discharge valve and, after a short delay, closes the water valve. The delayed closing of the water valve ensures that a small amount of water remains at the bottom of the bowl. The toilet is then immediately ready for the next flush.


  • Lightweight, compact, and durable
  • Economical
  • Fully pneumatic
  • Low fresh water consumption (1.2 l per flush)
  • Highly reliable, with few moving parts to maintain or replace
  • Easy to clean

Marketing material

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