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Evac Optima Commodore Automated vacuum bidet toilet

The Evac Optima Commodore is fully automated vacuum toilet. It Includes the Evac Optima 5 toilet bowl, the Evac Commodore bidet seat and a remote control. The luxury features of this bidet toilet include a washlet feature in which toilet paper is not needed, and an auto flush option.

This compact bidet toilet helps to solve space issues in small bathrooms. It also gives significant environmental benefits. Due to low toilet paper use the waste water consistence is easier to clean in the waste water treatment plant.For the guests and owners the daily routine will have many hygienic features. Especially practical the Evac Optima Commodore can be for use by elderly and physically challenged.


  • The quietest flush operation on the market
  • Hygienic, durable and compact design
  • Low fresh water consumption (1.2 l / 0.4 gal. per flush)
  • Reliable operation with flush memory an vacuum-guard technology
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Heated seat and adjustable bidet function
  • Includes remote control

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