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Evac Bonito Vacuum collection unit

The Evac SMC vacuum collection unit provides vacuum suction for condensate and effluent.

Effluent is temporarily stored in the vacuum collection tanks and air is removed from the system by the vacuum pumps, creating negative pressure. Pressure rises due to the operation of interface valves and other vacuum devices upstream in the vacuum piping. Sensors send vacuum demand data to the PLC, which triggers the operation of one or more of the pumps. During normal operation, the level of water in the tank rises until a high-level switch is triggered, starting the discharge process. The discharge is carried out by breaking the vacuum in the tank. As it includes two collection tanks, the system can continue to operate during the discharge cycle.


  • Competitive price
  • Compact, robust, and reliable
  • Dual collection tanks for continuous operation and redundancy
  • Flexible, modular design
  •  Constructed in Brazil from high-quality materials

The system comprises

  • Two 227 liter/60 gallon epoxy-coated or carbon steel collection tanks
  • Two or three dry vacuum pumps, capacity as per project
  • Gravity discharge (discharge pumps available as an option)
  • Inlet connection ready to be connected to class 15 PVC network pipes (85 mm / 3
  • Control panel with various communication protocols including Modbus and TCP/IP
  • Two outlet connections (100 mm/4 in internal diameter)
Evac Bonito 
ModelsB11156 Evac SMC-260-30 & B11156 Evac SMC-260-20
MaterialsVacuum pump: pump casing: cast iron, PTEF coated inside
Frame: carbon steel
Tank: carbon steel or epoxy coated
Operating dataVacuum pump total capacity: 350-525 m3/h / 206-309 CFM depending on the model
Grabity discharge pump technology
Lobe vacuum pump technology
Two tanks of capacity: 95 L/ 30 gal each

Available and made in Brazil
Nominal power4 KW per pump, 8-12 KW total depending on the model
WeightDry: 620-805 kg / 1367-1775 Lbs depending on the model


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