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Evac H2O MKIII RO Reverse osmosis desalinator

The H20 MKIII desalinator is designed to be effective where space is limited, delivering a self-managing system with minimal human input required through our new smart controller.

Electronic system status and key readings are delivered via a touchscreen for quick, easy use and inspection of the running parameters by engineers. This compact system is available in various set-ups and configurations in order to meet the demands of any small to medium scale vessel.

The introduction of an inverter driven motor for steady start-up along with a direct-coupled high-pressure pump provides a more efficient and quieter running machine. The steady start is key to minimizing the
electrical draw of the motor, which will benefit your vessel’s on board electrical generators. However, let’s not forget this system can turn the harshest sea water intake into drinking water.

Framed unit (weight/kg)< 51< 54< 57< 60< 66< 72


  • Outputs from 36 to 276 litres per hour.
  • Automatic start-up/shutdown and salinity sensing.
  • Inbuilt inverter for the high-pressure pump.
  • Digital touchscreen controller with changeable parameters
    including product salinity, fresh water flush intervals
    and operational pressure set point.
  • Models include framed, modular and duplex
    (two units in one skid).
  • Remote operational capability and diagnostics
    via second HMI touchscreen controller.
  • High quality finish and components.