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HEM Type 9500/1350 Recirculation/High Flow Water softener

This new generation HEM ‘Recirculation’ Softener allows you to fill your fresh water tank at any flow rate, without having to worry about your water softener capacity. Until recently, the standard procedure has been to fit the softener in the bunker line.

These softeners were able to handle a limited flow and were meant to ‘trickle feed’ the tanks over a whole day. With these limitations in mind, HEM has developed a system that measures the water volume that is actually on board via the bunker line and then treats this water once it is in the fresh water tank(s) through a recirculation period for each amount.


  • Allows softening of fast bunker feeds.
  • Operating capacity of 8.4 m3/h (2100 US gallons/h)
  • Peak capacity of 11.2 m3/h (2800 US gallons/h)
  • Duplex bottle design allows for regeneration without disruption of softening.

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