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Cathelco Portable Corrosion Monitoring Kit

Whether you have a sacrificial anode or an impressed current system it is important to know whether it is functioning effectively to prevent hull corrosion.The Cathelco Portable Corrosion Monitoring System is an essential piece of equipment for ship’s crew.

It provides a means of testing the electrical activity in seawater surrounding the hull (which causes corrosion) and a way of measuring it against a recommended standard. Inadvertent connections to an un-isolated shore grounding can be easily detected, enabling action to be taken to avoid galvanic corrosion.

Readings can be made when a vessel returns to moorings to ensure that there is no drain on the cathodic protection system from other vessels or via jetties and piers as the resulting of a grounding fault from the AC shore supply.

Using the system regularly avoids the risk of unknown corrosion activity and the costs associated with unplanned haul-out.

The kit consists of the following items

Calibrated Silver/Silver Chloride Portable Reference Electrode

When taking readings, this is suspended over the side of the vessel to monitor electrical activity in the seawater. It is supplied with a 30 metre cable.

Calibrated Digital Volt Meter

When connected to the Portable Reference Electrode readings can be taken and compared with an ‘ideal protection value’ to see if any remedial action is necessary.

Instruction Manual and Procedures

A complete guide to using the system with advice on interpreting readings and identifying corrosion problems.

Carrying Case

A rugged, but lightweight and compact case for storing the equipment safely.

Free Log Sheet Analysis

Log sheets can be sent to Cathelco for expert analysis to ensure that cathodic protection systems are functioning effectively.