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Evac stainless steel Vacuum toilets

Our stainless steel vacuum toilets operate in the same way as equivalent porcelain models. These durable units are ideal for navy or other vessels where there are high demands on equipment.

The Evac stainless steel toilet was originally developed for military use. It is equipped with the proven, fully pneumatic Evac discharge valve and mechanism, with flush memory and vacuum sensor technology. It is also available with optional shock and vibration protection.

Operating principle of Evac stainless steel toilets

The flush button sends an air pulse to the control mechanism, which connects the vacuum to the water and discharge valves. The water valve opens, letting rinsing water flow into the bowl. After a short delay, the discharge valve opens and the contents of the bowl are discharged into the vacuum sewer.

The control mechanism closes the discharge valve and, after a short delay, the water valve. The delay ensures a small amount of water is left at the bottom of the bowl. The toilet is then immediately ready for the next flush.



ModelsEvac Stainless Steel ToiletEvac Stainless Steel Squatting Toilet
MaterialsBowl: Stainless steel EN 1.4404
Seat: UF-S
Cover: UF-S
Pneumatic push button: White plastic, ABS
Squatting pan: Stainless steel EN 1.4301
Pneumatic push button: white plastic, ABS
Operating dataWater pressure: 3....10 bar
Operating vacuum: -0.3...-0.6 bar
Water consumption:≋1.2 ± 0.15 l/flush (water pressure: 4 bar, vacuum: -0.4 bar)
Air consumption: 60 ± 10l/flush (normal atmospheric air)
Water pressure: 3...10 bar
Operating vacuum: -0.3...-0.6 bar
Water consumption: ≋1.5 -2.5l/flush, adjustable
Air consumption: 60 ±
10l/flush (normal atmospheric air)
ConnectionsWater suppley: 1/2" NPT, flexible hose
Discharge: Straight rubber coupling connection or 90° rubber elbow to pipe size 48...52 O.D.
Shipping dataNet weight: 20.2±0.5kg
Main dimensions: (L x W x H) 530mm x 390mm x 450mm
Net weight: 9kg
Main dimensions - out from wall: (L x W x H) 580mm x 450 mm x 270 mm
Additional informationEquipped with flush memory and vacuum sensor technology
Available also without seat cover
Special USPH model is available
Autoflush feature available
Equipped with the same basic mechanism and discharge valve


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