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Evac vacuum accessories For vacuum piping

Evac dosing pump

The Evac EDP1 dosing pump regulates the exact chemical cleaning dosage that is fed into the integrated systems to remove grease and other blockages. Adjustable controlled, time-based chemical feeding provides best possible results, thereby avoiding deposits and blockages of any kind inside the treated object. For clean and blockage free pipelines.


  • Optimal chemical usage
  • Reduced system repair and spare part costs
  • Better functioning of toilets
  • Savings in manpower needs
  • Reduced malodor
  • Enhanced chemical safety
  • Environmental efficiency
  • Easy to place due to compact size

Evac NoBack Valve

The Evac NoBack valve is an innovation in vacuum sanitary piping. By combining a 45-degree oblique branch with a non-return valve, it improves the reliability of vacuum toilet systems, while minimizing the space requirement. The Evac NoBack valve is easily installed and will reduce both the capital and lifecycle costs of vacuum piping.


Evac Non-return valves

Evac offers a full range of plastic or stainless steel non-return valves for vacuum system piping.


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