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Evac vacuum toilet accessories Toilet push buttons

Evac toilet push buttons

Our basic toilet push button is pneumatic, but we also offer an autoflush push button with infrared sensor in the same design. Our push buttons are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and materials according to your specific needs.


Our traditional bidet has a similar design to the Evac Prestige 910 wall-mounted toilet. Our range of traditional mixer options makes it easy to blend new bidets with your existing bathroom designs. The bidet is connected to the vessel’s vacuum system by a vacuum interface valve. The Evac bidet is available in both floor and wall-mounted models.

Evac catcher unit

Catcher units are designed to prevent larger particles from entering collecting tanks and sewage treatment plants, thus improving their operation


Evac ragnsnag ring

The Evac ragnsnag ring is installed between the internal recess of the rubber connection and the outlet pipe. The Evac ragsnag ring prevents “foreign objects” to clog piping.