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Evac Evolution systems for superyacht newbuilds

The Evac Evolution ballast water management system (BWMS) for yachts is based on a combination of filtration and UV technology. It has been specifically designed for luxury yachts with a compact filter and very small overall footprint. Its capacity has been tailored to the needs of yachts and it is ideally suited to treat flow rates in the range of 34-135 cubic metres per hour.

1 Filter unit

The Filtrex ACB filter has been specifically selected for its very compact size – less than half the size of filters used on commercial vessels. It has a filter mesh size of 20 microns and incorporates automatic back flushing.

2 Enhanced UV reactor design

The reactor has been designed to increase the level of irradiation to meet the ‘live/dead’ standard, whilst other features extend the exposure time with the sea water. In addition to creating a helix flow as the water enters the chamber, its path is interrupted to cause a lateral movement. This brings organisms from the edge of the flow into closer contact with the light emitted from the UV lamps in a repeating cycle as the water passes along the chambers.

3 UV intensity meters

The UV intensity sensor is mounted on the wall of the UV reactor and measures the amount of light received during irradiation. If the amount of UV light falls below a prescribed level the automation control unit indicates that a cleaning cycle is required or that lamp renewal is necessary.

4 UV Transmission sensor

The UV Transmission sensor measures UV light transmittance through a water sample taken before it reaches the reactor. The sensor operates in conjunction with the UV intensity sensor in a feed-back loop ensuring that correct dosage is being achieved.

5 Cleaning In Place (C.I.P) system

The lamp sleeves are automatically cleaned after every ballasting/de-ballasting operation using an efficient wiper system.

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