Mountain Refuge, Mont Blanc, France

The Refuge du Gouter, located at an altitude of 3,835 m/12,582 ft, was designed according to high environmental standards and can host as many as 8,500 people over a three-month period. Evac solution offered an additional source of water operating independently of the potable water produced by snow melting. Evac also contributed to comply with very strict environmental objectives with more than 50% water saving and discharge of high quality water .

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Owner: French Federation of Alpine Clubs

Architects: Groupe-H, DecaLaage

Designers: Charpente-Concept, Cabinet Strem, Betech

Evac installer: JP Maintenance

Provided systems

Vacuum collection systems:
vacuum interface units, vacuum toilets, online vacuum collection units

Wastewater treatment systems:
membrane bioreactor (MBR) , sludge management unit.

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