Tallink’s Megastar ferry

Next-generation LNG-fuelled fast ferry with a capacity of 2,800 passengers and a length of 212 meters, launching in 2017. This new environmentally friendly vessel will feature the Evac Complete Cleantech Solution.

Watch video below about the Evac Complete Cleantech Solution aboard Tallink’s Megastar ferry.

Tallink's Megastar ferry

Owner AS Tallink Grupp

Manufacturer Meyer Turku Yard, Finland

Provided systems

Evac Complete Cleantech Solution including

Vacuum collection systems:
vacuum units, vacuum toilets

Wastewater treatment systems:
membrane bioreactor (MBR), grease separator and screening unit

Dry and wet waste treatment systems:
food waste vacuum collection units, compactor and chute

Fresh water generation systems:
potable water treatment equipment

Systems automation


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