Building services


We offer custom product design and engineering solutions, plumbing design, and other engineering services for architectural, civil, and environmental engineering projects. Throughout the design process we fully support your architecture and design team to ensure the best possible results


Our global network of skilled plumbing partners and representatives are all trained and supported by Evac. We are constantly developing our network to ensure that when you’re looking for vacuum plumbing installation, you know you can rely on a local contractor with the Evac stamp of approval.


When you’re looking for maintenance for your Evac systems our global network of local plumbing partners can provide you with reliable preventive maintenance and repair services. Evac can also offer full support and training to your existing contractors and maintenance services – because we believe that a problem-free system is the best endorsement we can have.


Retrofit projects typically cover the installation of upgraded wastewater collection and treatment systems, and fresh water generation systems, in order to improve cost efficiency or comply with updated legislation. Our product development team is passionate about developing upgrades for our products through our continuous improvement initiatives. We use technologies developed both by our research and development team and by partners in our global supply chain, with the aim to exceed the expectations of customers, building owners, and building managers by lowering maintenance costs, improving aesthetics, and maximizing performance.


Together with our wide network of partners, we have been carrying out training programs for architects and designers, students, installers, and service companies. These programs have included university lectures, seminars, and lunch and learn sessions. Contact your nearest Evac office to find out more and register for upcoming training events.

Spare parts

Evac has more than 35 years of experience in developing parts and materials, and a reputation for standing behind our solutions. Genuine Evac spares are continuously quality checked to ensure they are of the very highest standard, and our research and development group are constantly improving replacement parts as well as developing upgraded products and technologies. Through these continuous improvement initiatives we strive to lower your maintenance costs and increase customer satisfaction.

We recommend you always choose genuine Evac spare parts to ensure your system continues to operate at its very best. If third-party parts have been used in the past and your system isn’t working as it should, or if it no longer meets construction industry standards, we can remove, replace, and repair where necessary to ensure full functionality is restored.