After-sales support

We offer exceptional after-sales support through our extensive global network of offices and representatives, which covers more than 40 countries across six continents.


During the start-up (commissioning) phase on board your vessel, we provide training in operating and maintaining your Evac systems. We can either supervise the installation or perform the work on your behalf.

Service and repair

We can provide on-site maintenance as well as troubleshooting assistance by phone and email. For comprehensive coverage that offers you peace of mind, we also offer service contracts.

Our service technicians are experts in their field, and include those with Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET).

Watch Seven Seas Voyager retrofit project video above.

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Retrofit projects demand careful planning and execution, and typically cover the installation of upgraded wastewater treatment or water generation systems. Retrofits are usually implemented to improve cost efficiency, comply with updated legislation, or as a result of a change in certification requirements – for example, if a vessel will be operating on new routes covering areas such as Alaska or the Baltic Sea, where special requirements apply.

The project phases typically include the following:

  • mapping system-related needs and options based on factors such as the available space on board
  • planning the optimal system and defining the installation-related requirements
  • performing or supervising the installation work, which is typically done by assembling smaller system modules on board the vessel.

Retrofit installations are usually performed while a vessel is in dry dock, but we have also performed installations on operating vessels at sea.


Refurbishment involves upgrading the components of an existing system, usually in order to improve cost efficiency and reliability. Upgrades extend the lifespan of the system and allow older vessels to benefit from the latest technologies. A typical example of a refurbishment project involves updating the system automation that controls the vessel’s various Evac systems.

Please note that we also offer a wide range of spare and replacement parts.

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Onboard system and spares analysis

Our experts can visit your vessel to carry out a thorough analysis of the current condition of your Evac systems. Based on this, we can provide a recommendation for spare parts and upgrades.


We provide training as part of the handover process to make sure your crew has the skills and knowledge necessary to operate and maintain the Evac systems on board. We can organize additional training on request, and our representatives run scheduled training sessions on specific systems.

To find out more about our training services, please contact our sales team.