Filtration systems for the Evac Evolution ballast water management system

Two types of filters from leading manufacturers are available according to vessel size: Filter Safe filters and Filtrex ACB filters. Both types have automatic back flushing which allows for a continuous ballast flow, even during the back flushing process.

Filter Safe filters

The Filter Safe filter is suitable for the majority of ocean going vessels. It is a well established name in the industry with products offering a proven record of effectiveness and reliability.

Automatic back flushing – does not interrupt ballasting.
Easily scaled to different BWMS system capacities.
25 micron filter mesh size conforming to IMO requirements.
Can be dismantled into three separate parts for easy access.

Filtrex ACB filters

ACB filters will mainly be used on vessels where space is at a premium.

The filters come with a back flushing pump to allow controlled and effective cleaning of the active filtration surface. The pump will also compensate for any pressure changes that may occur in the ship’s ballast water system during the back flushing process.

Automatic back flushing – does not interrupt ballasting.
Compact design – ideal for vessels where space is limited.
20 micron filter mesh conforming to U.S Coast Guard requirements.
Can be scaled to different BWMS capacities.