New chapter starting in Evac's story

Blog by Tapio Kolunsarka, President and CEO of Evac Group

Dear reader,

We are today starting a new, ambitious chapter in Evac’s story.

We have decades-long experience in helping our customers minimize their waste and wastewater related environmental impacts to protect life below water and provide clean water and sanitation on land. But we have set our sights on the future.

Our customers are increasingly pushing beyond the minimum regulatory limits to achieve superior sustainability performance. It’s our duty and opportunity to deploy our technology insights and R&D knowledge and work with our partners and customers to develop the sustainability performance of our offering.

Evac’s renewed brand promise, ‘Nothing to waste’, crystallizes our commitment and ambition. The promise is a call to action for us, our partners, and customers to join the journey to make the impossible possible: Driving maritime waste and wastewater impacts on environment to zero.

By combining our ingenuity, decades of experience, and technological know-how, we can innovate solutions that increase our customers’ competitive edge and enable a future with no waste. A hallmark example of our approach is a novel Hydrotreat product we introduced in 2021. It is a water-based HTC technology that converts all organic waste on board a ship into safe, sterile biochar, which can be reused in other industries as a valuable product.

We all at Evac are excited for the journey ahead. In 2022 and beyond, we will markedly increase our R&D investments to improve the sustainability performance of our existing solutions and explore future opportunities for sustainability innovation. We are determined to accomplish our mission. The idea that we can use our expertise and skills in advancing circular economy and future with no waste coins the purpose of our existence. It is truly a great reason to get to work every day.

I warmly welcome you all to join the mission to enable a future with no waste.

Tapio Kolunsarka,
President and CEO of Evac Group