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Sustainable water and waste management solutions for Windfarm Installation Vessels  
Windfarm installation vessel

Sustainable water and waste management solutions for Windfarm Installation Vessels  

With huge growth in the number of offshore wind farms being installed across the globe to ramp up greener energy production, the demand for Windfarm Installation Vessels (WIV) is also rising.

Jussi Lehtinen, VP, Project Sales and Sales Support

Windfarm Installation Vessels build, service and maintain wind farms through their lifecycle and need efficient water, waste- and wastewater management onboard to perform their operations efficiently and sustainably. 

Making sustainable choices that help conserve water, mitigate emissions, and manage waste efficiently is today more important than ever. With our decades-long experience in helping our customers minimize their waste and wastewater-related environmental impacts, we also provide sustainable solutions for Windfarm Installation Vessels’ precise needs. It has been great to be able to offer solutions that not only ensure ease of use and efficiency onboard vessels but also help the operators to protect the marine environment. 

Our complete water, waste- and wastewater management solutions include energy-efficient vacuum collecting systems with toilets that save water, food waste collection systems, grease separators, top-quality dry waste recycling equipment for volume reduction, and energy-efficient reverse osmosis freshwater generation units that make it possible to generate freshwater out of seawater. On top of that, Evac’s Membrane bioreactor, a biological wastewater treatment system (MBR), ensures the best possible effluent quality with minimal sludge production, thus, treating all wastewater streams to be compliant with current standards and -beyond. 

When discussing with our customers, we highly recommend considering Evac Total Concept, which our product development specialists carefully plan, and design based on each vessel’s size and passenger capacity, emphasizing energy and material efficiency.  

The integrated solution ensures that all systems are compatible with fewer critical interfaces between different systems, eliminating the risk of conflicts arising when products come from various sources. With a single supplier, you enjoy simplified coordination, integration, and installation, not to forget complete lifecycle support for all Evac solutions. 

A sustainable solution with less hassle and more peace of mind – quite a nice combination, isn’t it? 

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