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Customer segments

We offer a comprehensive water and waste management solution for land and sea.

personalized customer experience

We tailor our solutions to meet the unique needs of different customer segments

Hospitals and healthcare
Laboratories and life-science
Cold storage and warehouse
Mobile and transportable
High traffic
Universities and education
Hotels and hospitality
Cruise vessels
RoPax and ferries
River cruisers
Cargo vessels
Naval vessels
Windfarm installation vessels

comprehensive solution portfolio

Explore our extensive product catalog

With 150 patents and thousands of products tailored for all water and waste management needs on land and at sea, we’ve got exactly what you’re searching for. Reach out to our experts and discover the perfect solution you’ve been seeking.

Start leaving nothing to waste

Tell us a bit about you and let’s have a chance to discuss how Evac’s water and waste management solutions can help you shape a more future-proof business today!

We work with world-class organizations to shape a more sustainable tomorrow:

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