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Streamlining operational efficiency in maritime with advanced technology

Ultrasonic Antifouling with Cathelco’s USP DragGone

Achieve up to 13% reduction in fuel consumption

Cathelco’s USP DragGone keeps your hull free of fouling, improving hydrodynamic performance and vessel fuel economy for cost-effective operations.


DragGone harnesses the power of patented technologies to offer unparalleled biofouling protection.

Guided Wave technology channels ultrasonic energy along structures, such as hull plates for an enhanced range of protection. while Heterodyning technology creates multiple frequencies to target a wider spectrum of fouling organisms effectively.

This dual approach ensures superior protection and reduces the need for transducers by 60%, significantly cutting down on maintenance, cleaning costs, and overall operational expenses.

Marine Growth Prevention Systems (MGPS)

Enhanced efficiency and performance

By preventing marine organisms from colonizing in seawater piping systems, sea chests and other critical areas, MGPS ensures optimal efficiency.

Low maintenance needs

Marine growth prevention systems minimize the need for costly and time-consuming maintenance operations associated with marine growth removal. Their efficient operation reduces the frequency of dry dock visits, keeping your vessels in service longer and reducing operational costs.

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP)

Extended vessel lifespan

ICCP systems offer unparalleled corrosion protection for your vessel’s hull, significantly extending its operational life by preventing the costly damages caused by electrolytic corrosion. This proactive approach saves on extensive repair costs and downtime, ensuring your vessel remains seaworthy longer

Continuous protection

With the automated control of the ICCP system, optimal levels of protection are continuously maintained without the need for manual intervention. This ensures consistent defense against corrosion, even in varying seawater conditions, allowing you to focus on your operations with peace of mind

Reverse osmosis desalinators

durability and reliability

Recognized for their durability and ease of operation, Catheclo Seafresh desalinators have been serving more than 1,800 craft globally for decades. With Cathelco Seafresh, vessels gain the autonomy to cruise freely without the need to plan voyages around marina stops, thereby ensuring the crew’s well-being, enhancing operational efficiency, and reducing reliance on external water sources.

operational independence

The ability to generate fresh water onboard reduces dependency on shore-based water supplies, offering operational flexibility and independence. This is particularly crucial for vessels operating in remote areas or under conditions where access to fresh water is limited.

Global service network

Global reach, combined with local production, guarantees that we can provide immediate advice, service, and support wherever your operations may be.

Worldwide presence, local production

Our systems are produced locally, ensuring that every product meets our strict quality standards.

Trusted by thousands

We’ve enhanced over 20,000 vessels worldwide, delivering custom solutions that combat biofouling efficiently and safely.

High-performance systems

As the originators of cathodic protection technology in the maritime industry, we are leading the way in vessel protection.

Enhance your fleet with reliable and proven solutions

Solutions tailored to your vessel’s unique needs

merchant and commercial vessels

The one-stop-shop for commercial vessel protection

Commercial fleets rely on our ICCP systems for unmatched hull corrosion protection, ensuring seamless operations without extra maintenance worries. Paired with our marine growth prevention systems, we keep your vessels clean and efficient, maintaining their performance across the seas.

These solutions are crucial for the varied demands of VLCCs, container ships, LNG carriers, and other ocean-going vessels, ensuring minimal demands on crew time and maintaining system effectiveness with services like log sheet monitoring​​.


Security and reliability take center stage in naval operations

Warships require specialised ICCP systems which prevent hull
corrosion, but do not interfere with the electrical war-fighting
capability of the ship. Our biofouling and corrosion protection systems are designed to meet these demands, maintaining critical equipment integrity.

The ships and submarines of more than 40 navies around
the world are fitted with Cathelco seawater pipework marine
growth prevention systems.

offshore applications

Ensuring durability and safety in offshore applications

Cathelco provides specialized MGPS units and ICCP systems for offshore platforms, semi-submersibles, FPSOs, and wind turbines, delivering unparalleled protection against biofouling and corrosion. Cathelco not only ensures the operational efficiency and reliability of these assets but also contributes to the environmental sustainability of global maritime operations.

Windfarm installation vessel

Cathelco® listed under Article 95

Since September 2015, owners and operators of vessels sailing in European waters must have ensured that their marine growth prevention systems comply with the EU Biocides Regulation 528/2012.

Cathelco® is one of the few companies listed under Article 95, the official register of approved active substance suppliers recognized by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). This makes installing genuine Cathelco® equipment and anodes a safe way to ensure regulatory compliance.

The International Maritime Organisation has created new Biofouling Guidelines that have been designed to prevent the inhabitation of invasive aquatic species to non-indigenous environments.

Cathelco® can provide regulatory support in relation to the Marine Growth Prevention System, provide a generic template of the Biofouling Management Plan and Record Book for use on board, as well as further assistance in completing the relevant sections within the Biofouling Record Book.

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