Would you like to report a misconduct?

We want to do what is right

We want to maintain openness and trust in Evac Group’s operations. We are committed to conduct our business ethically and with integrity, while complying with applicable laws, regulations, our Code of Conduct and our company values.

We want to prevent misconducts and unethical behavior and, therefore, we encourage Evac Group’s employees and stakeholders to report any suspected such cases in Evac Group’s operations.

Evac’s whistleblowing channel

Evac’s whistleblowing channel provides an opportunity to report suspected misconducts and unethical behavior, e.g., corruption, bribery, or harassment, without limitation to matters concerning the material scope of the whistleblowing legislation (e.g., public procurement, transport safety, consumer protection and protection of the environment). The whistleblowing channel is not intended for processing reclamations or feedback from customers.

The whistleblowing channel is completely separate system from Evac Group’s IT environment, administered by an external service provider, Whistle B, Whistleblowing Centre AB. You can report your concern anonymously. If you do not identify yourself, you will remain anonymous throughout the investigation process. The reporting process is encrypted and secured for ensuring the whistleblower’s anonymity and data protection.

All reports will be taken seriously and are processed confidentially.

You can submit a report here: https://report.whistleb.com/en/evac