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Evac’s technologies address the increasing need for innovative solutions, driven by the megatrends of climate change, circularity, and increasingly scarce freshwater resources. We contribute to a better environment and cleaner seas by helping our customers eliminate waste, conserve water, and mitigate emissions. 

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Leading provider of integrated water and waste management solutions

For decades, we have been a pioneer in sustainable technologies and solutions, helping our customers finding sustainable solutions in water and waste management both on land and sea. Today we are the world’s leading provider of integrated water and waste management technologies as well as hull corrosion protection systems (ICCP) and marine growth prevention systems (MGPSs) for the marine industry.

Below water
An underwater photo of an iceberg in the Southern Ocean offshore the Antarctic Peninsula.

New innovative technologies to reduce the environmental footprint

Protecting marine life is a crucial motivator for our business and product development. Helping our customers to reduce the environmental footprint beyond regulatory requirements, sets research and innovation in a key role.

For over 40 years our mission has been to modernize waste and wastewater management. Our product development and research are founded on proactive and continuous collaboration with partners. Constant co-creation and re-innovation with our customers and partners give us valuable insight into needs and requirements, legislation development and how we can keep improving the circularity. Meanwhile, we also gain fundamental information for the development of new innovative technologies of sustainable water and waste management solutions.

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