Evac Complete Cleantech Solution - One supplier, many benefits

The Evac Complete Cleantech Solution covers all your needs, including vacuum collection and wastewater treatment, as well as dry, wet and food waste management and fresh water generation. This comprehensive one-stop-shop offering is what sets us apart from the competition.

Purchasing all your waste, wastewater and water management systems from a single supplier simplifies coordination and integration during your shipbuilding project. Once the systems are installed, it makes managing and maintaining them easier and more efficient.

Vacuum collection

Vacuum collection units collect sewage, condensation, and food waste* by vacuum pumping it into a sewage treatment plant or collection tank.

Since the 1970’s, Evac has designed and manufactured a variety of vacuum collection systems, including water-saving vacuum toilets, food waste collection units*, and vacuum and collection units for condensation, which are typically used in conjuction with cooling equipment both on land and at sea.

*Food waste solutions for building industry customers are sold by Bvac.

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Wastewater treatment

Wastewater treatment systems separate and neutralize organic contaminants in wastewater to comply with national and international legislation.

Our offering includes biological and electrolytic wastewater treatment plants that refine black and gray water, as well as grease separators to separate grease from kitchen and galley wastewater.

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Fresh water generation

Fresh water generation systems turn seawater into process, service, and drinking water. The equipment also filters and disinfects the water, adjusts its hardness, and mineralizes fresh water that has been created or stored.

We offer seawater desalinators using reverse osmosis (RO), as well as potable water treatment equipment using mineralization and disinfection. Our product range includes equipment for the differing requirements of passenger, merchant, and naval ships, as well as offshore facilities and buildings.

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Marine growth prevention

Marine growth prevention systems (MGPS) are designed to eliminate blockages in seawater cooling lines caused by barnacles and mussels. The systems are available for vessels of every size including mini-systems for luxury yachts.

Our Cathelco MGPS units for sea water pipework are easy and economical to install. Our systems have been installed on more than 50,000 ships worldwide.

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Dry and wet waste treatment

Evac’s dry and wet waste treatment systems support the management of both mixed and recyclable waste.

Our portfolio includes incinerators, compaction equipment, glass crushers, briquetting units, bio sludge treatment units, dryers,  and food waste treatment units – all designed with cost-effective installation and maintenance in mind.

*Solutions for building industry customers are sold by Bvac.

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Corrosion protection

Hull corrosion protection systems reduce maintenance costs by preventing corrosion on the hulls of ships and offshore structures. We offer world leading ICCP technology combined with a wide understanding of corrosion problems and the most effective way of solving them.

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