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Pioneering fresh water solutions for Superyachts

A single source solution for yachts of all sizes


Clean, Hot, Cold, Exactly as You Desire

When it comes to yachting, every detail matters, down to the quality and reliability of your onboard water. With HEM’s advanced desalination technology, experience undisrupted water generation, from drinking water to hot and cold water for all uses. Our systems ensure that the water on your yacht meets the highest standards.

on board water for every need

We understand that superyachts have diverse needs based on size, route, and onboard amenities. That’s why HEM offers a range of solutions, from compact desalinators for smaller vessels to high-capacity systems capable of sustaining large yachts. Every system is designed to be efficient, space-saving, and tailored to provide the exact water volume your yacht requires.

Innovative technology for pure and safe water

Efficiency and Innovation

HEM’s reverse osmosis desalination technology is at the heart of our water generation systems, ensuring every drop of water is free from impurities and contaminants. But we don’t stop at purification; our systems include features for softening and rehardening, making water safe for all onboard appliances and piping. Plus, our advanced treatment processes ensure that the water is not just clean but also has a neutral taste, perfect for drinking and cooking.

Enhance your superyacht with HEM

system design

Our experienced design engineers work closely with naval architects and shipyards to develop reliable, low-maintenance systems tailored to your needs. We leverage feedback from the yachting community and our strong industry connections to continually refine our offerings, ensuring compliance with all specifications and standards.

refit services

Refit projects demand meticulous planning and space optimization. Specializing in full solutions including reverse osmosis desalinators, water treatment systems, and hot water systems, we conduct detailed surveys to meet each project’s unique needs. Our expertise in custom refit solutions, available in modular forms, guarantees a perfect fit within any space constraint.

We’ve been doing this for quite some time

With over 40 years of experience in serving the superyacht industry, our teams in Antibes, France, and Palma de Mallorca, Spain, are dedicated to providing systems and services of the highest standard.

We offer personalized service

From the initial consultation to final installation and beyond, our dedicated team provides bespoke support, ensuring that every solution we deliver is perfectly aligned with your yacht’s requirements and your expectations

We’re trusted by the most demanding clients

HEM’s reputation is built on a foundation of trust and reliability, with some of the world’s most prestigious Superyachts relying on our technologies for their fresh water needs.

We build to last

Using only the highest grade materials and technology, our products are designed to deliver consistent performance year after year.

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