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Thought leader in sustainable water and waste management

Future-proofing your business can be a daunting task

total concept provider

You have to manage multiple moving pieces outside your core business. You need a one-stop solution with a single partner capable of handling all your water and waste management needs.

future-proof investments

You face intensifying market changes and regulatory shifts. You need a forward thinker who innovates ahead to ensure the long-term resilience of your investments.

sustainability leadership

You are seeking ways to become more sustainable. You need a partner whose success is defined by their ability to make a compelling business case for sustainability.

world-class customer experience

You operate globally with a hard-earned reputation to maintain. You need a partner at the same level to provide support whenever and wherever you need it in the world.

We offer a comprehensive water and waste management solution for land and sea

Land business

Healthcare facilities
Laboratories and life-science facilities
Cold storage and warehouse facilities
Mobile and transportable facilities
High traffic areas
Universities and educational facilities
Hospitality and accomodation

Marine business

Cruise vessels
RoPax vessels
River cruisers
Cargo vessels
Naval vessels
Wind turbine installation vessels

What makes Evac different?

integrated portfolio

We have by far the largest waste and water management technology portfolio in the industry with 150 patents under our belt.

global operations

We have a presence on every marketable continent, represented in 70 countries, with offices in 14 of them worldwide.

world-class reputation

We work with a prestigious customer base, gaining diverse exposure to various end-markets, which ensures our growth and stability.

innovation and sustainability

Sustainability is how we measure our success, so we innovate with the future in mind to ensure that our customers stay one step ahead.

Customer voices

Kan Cao
Chairman of the Board
Nordic Group Holding AS

Georgios Vagiannis
Head of New Build
TUI Cruises

Sebastian Sala
Head of innovation
Carnival Maritime

Julien Fieschi
Fleet director

sustainability thought leadership

We drive sustainability forward by making it profitable

the right way. not the easy way.

Evac HydroTreat

Evac is redefining the maritime industry’s relationship with our oceans by leading the shift towards circular waste management. By getting customers ready to brave the high seas with spearheading technologies, we are future-proofing their investments, all while protecting precious marine ecosystems for generations to come.

save water. sustain life.

Evac Optima 5S

Evac Optima 5S save up to 85% of water per use compared to gravity alternatives. Together, Evac’s vacuum technology has helped save over 255 million cubic meters of water since the turn of the century.

zero waste. zero emissions.

Evac MBR

Evac MBR removes 99% of suspended particles and nutrients, ensuring high-quality effluent entering our seas. With over 1,000 MBR systems installed on vessels worldwide, we are empowering maritime partners to confidently face the future and protect life below water.

Evac® product catalog

Choose one of our six product catalogs. Still can’t find what you are looking for? Reach out to us for a personal consultation.

Start leaving nothing to waste

Tell us a bit about you and let’s have a chance to discuss how Evac’s water and waste management solutions can help you shape a more future-proof business today!

We work with world-class organizations to shape a more sustainable tomorrow:

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