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Wet waste treatment

Evac’s wet waste treatment includes bio sludge treatment units, dryers, and food waste treatment units.

What is wet waste treatment?

Evac´s portfolio for wet waste treatment includes bio sludge treatment units, dryers, and food waste treatment units – all designed with cost-effective installation and maintenance in mind.

Our ground-breaking product novelty, Evac HydroTreat, demonstrates how over 80% decrease in CO2 emissions can be achieved already today. It is a water-based HTC technology that converts all organic waste on board a ship into safe, sterile biochar, which can be reused in other industries as a valuable product.

Treatment of organic waste streams onboard

The wet waste consists of the food waste scraped from plates and generated during food preparation as well as the bio-sludge produced by the wastewater treatment plant. Both food waste and bio-sludge start to decompose quickly with the possibility of creating a source of harmful gases and diseases. Troublesome storing and landing combined with large quantities makes on board treatment an attractive option.

Why choose Evac® wet waste solutions?

No harmful emissions into the atmosphere or sea

Our novel innovation of treating organic waste is a sustainable and safe way of handling food waste and biosludge streams on board. The treatment process, based on Hydrothermal Carbonization (HTC) transforms organic waste generated onboard ships into biochar. Our process does not produce any harmful emissions into the atmosphere or to the sea. The biochar is sterile and stable, easy to store onboard.

Energy efficient way of treating the organic waste

The Hydrothermal Carbonization (HTC) that is used in our system of treating the organic waste streams onboard is an extremely cost-effective way to process wet waste, and it uses only a fraction of the energy compared to traditional waste management solutions.

Global lifecycle services

We are your global service partner throughout the life cycle of your wet waste treatment solutions. Our comprehensive portfolio ranges from long-term service agreements to individual service products such as spare parts, training, maintenance and retrofit.

Evac HydroTreat

Our sustainability spearhead product: Evac HydroTreat

Evac HydroTreat® is an innovation that revolutionizes the handling of organic wet waste onboard vessels. The novel innovation remarkably decreases the vessel’s environmental footprint, it provides a safer, more sustainable way to deal with organic waste streams, such as food waste and bio sludge, without emissions or plastic waste to the sea or gas emissions into the atmosphere.

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