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Nothing to waste

We invite you to join us on our mission to enable a future with no waste.

Sustainable by nature

Sustainability is embedded in all Evac daily activities and business decisions.

A future with
no waste

We at Evac are in a unique position to apply our ingenuity, decades of experience, and technological know-how to make a real difference in the environmental performance of our customers’ businesses. Our ambition is to enable a future with no waste. On both land and sea.

Our brand promise, Nothing to waste, captures our ambition, drive and strategy in three words. It stands for what we do and how we will do it: By innovating new sustainable solutions to deal with waste and conserve water, and by operating ourselves in a responsible manner. Nothing to waste is a call to action for us, our customers and partners – and for everyone on this planet.

Building on partnerships

Everything we do focuses on delivering tangible sustainability for the best of our customers and the whole planet. Cutting-edge technologies and ground-breaking innovations that conserve water, eliminate waste, and turn waste into valuable commodities are concrete examples of what is needed to enable a future with no waste.

Evac builds on partnerships throughout the ecosystem and will markedly increase its R&D investments to improve the sustainability performance of the company’s existing solutions and explore future opportunities for sustainability innovation.

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