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AboutOur mission

Nothing to waste

We invite you to join us on our mission

A future with
no waste

We are in a unique position to apply our ingenuity, decades of experience, and technological know-how to make a real difference in the environmental performance of our customers’ businesses. Our ambition is to enable a future with no waste. On both land and sea.

Evac – Nothing to waste

Over the decades, we have established ourselves as prominent advocates for sustainability. We specialize in water, waste, and wastewater management, hull protection, and biofouling management solutions across the commercial, naval, and offshore segments of the maritime industry.

We have evolved from a Finnish start-up into a global leader in environmental stewardship. Today, we set the standard for solutions that reduce CO2 emissions, safeguard life below water, and drive the maritime industry’s transition towards the circular economy.

In the land-based industries, our business is driven by the growing demand for real estate flexibility, increasing water scarcity, and hygiene requirements. Our solutions respond to some of the most significant global societal challenges.

Our dedication extends beyond regulatory adherence; we are committed to enabling our customers to optimize their sustainable practices and surpass legal requirements. Leveraging decades of expertise, sustainable technologies, and an extensive installed base, we ensure a significant impact that exceeds the scale of our company. Together, we can make a difference.

Building on partnerships

Everything we do focuses on delivering tangible sustainability for the best of our customers and the whole planet. Cutting-edge technologies and ground-breaking innovations that conserve water, eliminate waste, and turn waste into valuable commodities are concrete examples of what is needed to enable a future with no waste.

Evac fosters partnerships with its customers and across industry ecosystems. Our investments in research and development enhance the sustainability performance of our existing solutions while exploring future opportunities for sustainability innovation. Our groundbreaking innovations, such as Evac HydroTreat and the forthcoming ultrasonic antifouling solution, exemplify our ability to not only improve our customers’ environmental performance but also to drive positive change across the entire maritime industry.

Our goal is a future with no waste. Our mission is to make that possible.

Björn Ullbro, CEO of Evac Group and President of Evac Business LIne
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