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Winner of the ‘Technology of the Year’ Award

Cathelco ultrasonic award winner for biofouling management
Why is marine biofouling a pressing concern in today’s shipping industry?

Marine biofouling is more than a surface problem, significantly impacting operational efficiency, increasing GHG emissions and maintenance costs. As modern vessels require state-of-the-art fouling management, recognizing and addressing this issue is paramount. Subscribe to our Ultrasonic Newsletter to discover how our upcoming product tackles this concern head-on.

How does ultrasonic technology stand out in addressing marine fouling?

While traditional methods have their limitations in certain areas, our new and patented ultrasonic technology offers a non-invasive, environmentally friendly approach. Imagine a solution that seamlessly prevents fouling without chemicals. Our patented use of Ultrasonic Technology is the innovative leap the industry needs.

Why is now the ideal time to consider ultrasonic solutions for marine fouling?

The maritime industry is evolving rapidly. With increasing environmental regulations and efficiency demands, new solutions are vital. Our Ultrasonic Technology perfectly aligns with the industry’s needs, and being ahead of the curve ensures operational excellence.

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